May 24, 2016


This week I'm joining the Currently crowd again. It's a quick and easy way to share what's up every other Tuesday. Thanks to the lovely Katy Upperman for the inspiration!


The warm weather! Finally. I got some lovely outside time in the sun and shade over the weekend, I even got to start and finish a book in a 24 hour period for the first time in a loooong time. It was glorious.


I read Brigid Kemmerer's Thicker Than Water, this weekend and today I started The Walking Dead, Compendium One by Robert Kirkman. I'm a huge fan of the TV series and I haven't read a comic book since I can't remember when, but I'm really curious about the hype and so I picked this up at the library. It is so HUGE it could shatter a walker's skull. It looks like it goes through the prison attack which is seasons 1-3 and a part of 4 if you watch the TV series.


Game of Thrones. I have many feelings and I did not sleep well on Sunday night. Sound Man asked me to explain why GoT was all over his Facebook feed (he doesn't watch it) and I couldn't even explain it without having more emotions.

Listening To

I'm catching up on my podcasts. They were piling up on my phone and sucking up all kinds of space. My absolute favorite is The Nerdist hosted by Chris Hardwick, where he has fun conversations with musicians, actors, directors, producers, and the like in a very informal and candid way. The discussions evolves naturally and sometimes I learn the most wonderful things about the creative process and other stuff I didn't expect. My bullet journal is full of quotes I pull from this podcast. Warning to those with kids: This is NOT super family friendly all the time. They can swear and depending on the guest, the conversation can sometimes be a bit...naughty.


I have a four day week this week and next, so I'm anticipating an awesome Memorial Day weekend and two wonderfully short weeks at The Day Job. I'm also get to see my goddaughter, Addie, for her 3rd birthday party this weekend.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend if you celebrate. I'll be reading and writing in the sun if I can. Do you have big plans? 


  1. There's nothing like being able to pick up and book and read until you're done, eh? It sounds like you've had a super epic week. I honestly don't know where the week went. It was just starting, and then it was over and I was like, "DUDE! The month is pretty much over. What?" (I think hanging at the pool yesterday may have brought out the inner beach bum.) ;)

  2. I love this whole post but especially the end when I found out your goddaughter's name is Addie. That's the main character in my new WIP! (See also: You are the twenty-thousandth person who's made me wish I watched GoT.)

  3. Did your blog get a facelift, or am I just now noticing how adorable it is? Either way -- love! Also, GoT... Last week's episode was heartbreaking. Last night's felt a little like a bridge to me and I hate when Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are missing from the storyline, so I'm already looking forward to next week. Oh, that show. I love it, and I hate how it makes me FEEL. Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend, Kari!


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