Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
I really can't recommend this book enough, people. Better yet, get the Audiobook and hear the wisdom right from Elizabeth Gilbert's mouth. If you struggle with your need to create or if you have ever had a "block" of some kind, this is the book for you. Liz also has a companion podcast that is excellent.

30 Days of Genius
I’ve been listening to a series of free (no really, they are free) videos offered through called 30 Days of Genius. Chase Jarvis, entrepreneur and photographer, interviewed 30 creative and entrepreneurial luminaries about their successes and failures to help creatives find actionable insights for work, life and everything in between. I really can’t say enough about this series. Here are just a few of the people he interviewed:

•    Seth Godin
•    BrenĂ© Brown
•    Arianna Huffington
•    Levar Burton
•    Stefan Sagmeister
•    Richard Branson
•    Sir Mix-A-Lot
•    Austin Kleon

The interviews typically run between sixty and ninety minutes. Chase is a great interviewer, his informal style draws out the most interesting tidbits from each guest. I have worked through about half of them so far (if you sign up for the email list, a link will be emailed to you daily starting with video #1). I will admit there were some folks I didn’t think I’d find very interesting—except I have been pleasantly surprised every time. Every. Time. My notebook is full of quotes from the videos. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend signing up for the daily email. You can also get hooked up to the podcast version of this series through Chase's podcast.

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