July 6, 2016

Are you a vacation Pantser or Plotter?

This post is part of a 30 in 30 blog experiment, where I committed to writing 30 posts in 30 days with minimal planning between June 20, 2016 and July 20, 2016.

So, I have long believed that there were two kinds of vacations: ones for relaxation and ones for doing. It's the difference between unwinding on a beach and reading a book to walking until your feet hurt at The Magic Kingdom. The short trip we've been on the last two days is very much a "doing" vacation.

Normally "doing" vacations leave me a little wasted. I almost need a vacation from my vacation or at least an extra day at home to unwind. Tonight I feel different. I'm tired, but refreshed. I am fulfilled in a way I didn't expect. What was the secret sauce for this vacation?

It was shorter for one, just two days, but I think something else happened--I had no expectations. We really had only vague plans that were flexible. I wasn't thinking about my next Fast Pass time for Space Mountain or how I had to be ready for dinner at 8:30. A couple of times while looking at the lake I was very aware of how in awe of it I was. How beautiful it looked and how lucky I felt to be standing there on such a gorgeous day. I was also reminded of how much I love traveling with SoundMan. Like, seriously, folks he's amazing and I had so much fun. Time went by both very fast and very slowly.

In the past, I've always felt this drive to know what's next and told myself that being prepared would allow me to relax a little. Now I'm not so sure. Because we decided to "pants it" I ended up being present in a way I normally am not. It turns out, when it comes to vacations, I might really be a vacation Pantster who's been masquerading as a Plotter all along. It. Was. Glorious.

This makes me wonder about my self-declared Plotter status when I write. Perhaps I should try winging it once in a while. I might surprise myself.

Today we toured the Glensheen Mansion. The home is beautiful inside and out, but honestly, when we walked out into the gardens I breathed a sigh of relief. The house had felt stifling to me. Too many people, too much detail to take in, and while the woodwork was beautiful it just felt dark everywhere. The gardens and the view of the lake, though, were awesome. I forgot to take pictures I was so happy. The pictures below are from SoundMan, who had the presence of mind to snap a few photos.

We also stopped at Canal Park on our way home (something I have done almost every time I visited Duluth since I was a child) and got to see a ship carrying ore that was headed to Sault Ste. Marie leave the harbor. I'm always so amazed how much these ships look like giant bricks. How on earth do they even float? It's a miracle. Okay, it's science. It's a miracle of science.

Are you a vacation Pantster or Plotter? What's your secret to an amazing vacation?

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  1. Our last trip to the North Shore was complete pants (except for eating at Fitger's). Our new motto is that for every trip back to a place we've been before, we need to do at least one new thing.

    So glad you had a great time and are feeling refreshed!


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