July 3, 2016

Nine Writing Podcasts I Love

This post is part of a 30 in 30 blog experiment, where I committed to writing 30 posts in 30 days with minimal planning between June 20, 2016 and July 20, 2016.

I love podcasts. I mostly listen to them at work, where I can typically get through 3-6 hours of content depending on how many meetings I have or emails I need to write. When I'm in design mode, the podcast keeps the logical part of my brain busy while I move things around on the page. It's a trick I got into the habit of doing as a kid when I wanted to practice drawing. Now I recognize it for what it really is--a way to silence the inner critic. Oh, how I wish I could do the same thing while writing!

I thought I'd list out the writing podcasts I enjoy with links. While I've tried many other podcasts on writing, the podcasts on this list are the ones I find myself waiting for a new episode.

10 Minute Writer's Workshop
Sponsored by New Hampshire Public Radio, the interviews in this podcast tend to be a bit less conversational than I prefer but with only 10 minutes I understand why. I love this podcast because it reminds me that everyone's process is different and I love hearing about other people's writing/creative process.

Two screenwriters, Craig Mazin (The Huntsman: Winter’s War) and John August (Big Fish), discuss screenwriting, film and television industry topics, answer listener questions, and have a three page challenge for listeners to submit their own work for critique on the podcast.

First Draft with Sarah Enni
This podcast features interviews with YA writers from a writer's perspective, giving a complete view of the writer’s career. The interviews are conversational in tone and done live. This podcast is a great way to see what the road to publication has looked like for other writers.

A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment
Hosted by authors Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter, the hosts read work they are noodling with, interview authors and performers, answer listener questions, and they also post a fair amount of live episodes with an audience. They haven't posted a new episode in a while, though. So now is a great time to catch up on previous episodes.

The Oral History Podcast
The tagline of this podcast is "Sex & Books: Two things that are always better when you talk about them." So, you can guess what YA Authors Christa Desir and Carrie Mesrobian talk about. The two discuss topics like cheating, femininity, and sex with and without romance within the YA category. The show notes also list the books discussed on the podcast.

Narrative Breakdown
This discussion style podcast is about a wide range of writing craft topics from non-fiction to playwriting. They often analyze and talk about popular movies, novels, plays, etc. I think it's a pretty well-rounded because the hosts discuss the craft of writing in a general way that includes all writers versus just one specific category.

This Creative Life
This is the first podcast I ever subscribed to. Host and YA author, Sara Zarr interviews other authors in a conversational format. The interviews are short, usually around 30 minutes, and besides being hosted by an awesome writer herself, I love this podcast because Sara's focus on the creative process and what it means to live a creative life is a special interest of mine.

The Worried Writer
Author Sarah Painter discusses overcoming fear and procrastination and interviews authors on their writing routine.

Shipping & Handling
Two literary agents talk about publishing, books, & writing. This is the newest podcast in my list, so I've only listened to one episode, but I enjoyed it and learned something.

I always keep a notebook handy to write down favorite quotes, writing tips and such. Do you listen to any of these? Do you have other favorites I should check out?

Edited September 20, 2016

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